Pathfinder 2014

Pathfinder - Delivering Young Driver Education Since 2008

Pathfinder has been built on the methodology developed during over 35 years experience through the Under 17 Car Club, an organisation that has been at the forefront of young driver education for decades.

Tackling The Challenge Of Novice Drivers

Novice Driver Challenges

Learn more about the novice driver issues and how the Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust is positively tackling this major road safety issue today, through their Pathfinder and Under 17 Car Club activities.

Dates for 2014

Autumn Course Date:
27th - 31st October Inclusive (5 days).
Throckmorton Airfield - Gloucestershire;
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Pathfinder and Under 17 Car Club methodology helps deliver effective and safer young drivers on to our roads today through education.  this is supported by verified statistical evidence as shown below.


"By Using a structured methodology, the programme develops safe attitudes and behaviours while introducing the technical skills of driving. 

James Plaskitt MP (Labour, Warwick & Leamington 1997 - 2010)

"We believe the trainng and experience these young drivers receive will make them safer and more responsible when the reach 17 and take to the public roads"

Inspector Nick Elton, Operations Manager, Road Policing Unit, Wiltshire Police

“It is not about the physical nature of learning how to drive; ....; it is learning more about the consequences of your actions and responsibilities." -Edmund King - President, the AA and Former Executive Director of the RAC Foundation




Apr 11, 2014

Under 17 Car Club Open 2014 Day

We have a general open day coming up. If you are interested and want to find out more please click on the link here for more information ans to see if you can apply.

Jan 10, 2014

Pathfinder is a practical and theoretical introduction to driving for under age drivers (age 15-16) delivered through an intensive 5 day program.


Jan 6, 2014

Young drivers road safety projected boosted by £30k grant.

The project aims to reduce the road casualty rate amongst new drivers by teaching up to 100 students from Gloucestershire families the principles of safe driving.